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WakeUpLand Announces the Arrival of WakeUpLand Version 3

New Features Added Give Customers More Options.

Waking up on time is hard for many people in today's busy world. The release of WakeUpLand Version 3, a new and improved wake-up service, offers more options than ever before and has become the solution for many people.

New features have been added that further enhance the functionality of their current wake-up service. Being a pioneer of internet wake-up services, the company uses the latest in automated digital technology and strives to offer an affordable and reliable program to its customers. Among the many new additions is an updated call back feature. This feature now allows the option of assigning zero or up to five call backs on a scheduled wake-up call. Scheduled calls can also be modified or canceled making it great for people who travel.

Additional fun and useful call options have been added to the service as well. The two newest additions to this list are the Local Weather and the Daily Psalm. These little extras provide a bit of information along with the wake-up call. Jeff S., a customer from Rhode Island has said "I've tried other services, but this one is by far my favorite. The area for changing wake up call times is great for someone who changes the times frequently."

WakeUpLand not only offers wake-up calls, but has now established a new section that provides Reminder Calls and Group Calls. A pre-defined list of reminders is available that include everything from appointments to holidays and exams. You can even create your own reminder message to be played using their Text-to-Speech technology. The call back feature with zero or up to five call- backs is also available on these Reminder Calls to make sure the reminder is delivered. This is an excellent new feature for those with busy schedules or those who need that little reminder.

The group calling is also a new feature to WakeUpLand that allows you to instantly call up to 100 people. You can create a custom message to be played and you receive discounts for the more people you call! As you may have already guessed, the call back feature offering zero to five call backs is available with group calls as well!

WakeUpLand Version 3 provides its services to anyone within the United States and Canada with a touch-tone phone. In an effort to keep WakeUpLand affordable, the company now offers a reduced cost per call and a new pre-paid credit element. The larger the number of call credits purchased, the larger the �per-call� discount.

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What They Say?

I ordered your service for my husband as he has a hard time waking up in the morning, your phone calls do the trick, just wanted to thank you.

Melissa Carlson

Houston, TX

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