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Reliable Wake Up Calls Made Easy!

Great service! We lost power the other night but your call still came through and I made it to my flight on time! THANK YOU!

Rob C., CA

WakeUpLand Services

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  • Wake Up Calls
  • Our wake up call service is one of the oldest and most reliable on the web. We've been doing wake up calls for close to 10 years now and have it down to a science. With thousands of people relying on WakeUpLand to wake up, you can rest assured knowing your call will come in on time, everytime.

    Wake Up Call Pricing & Details
  • Reminder Calls
  • Because of the number of people using WakeUpLand as a reminder service, we created our reminder call service. This gives you the flexibility of scheduling different reminder calls, as well as creating your own messages so you can make custom reminder calls for yourself or for others.

    Reminder Call Pricing & Details