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I love my wake up calls, haven't been late for work since I started using it!

Scott B., FL

Group Calls & Voice Broadcasting

Because so many people requested voice broadcasting and group call service, we've opened up a brand new service that caters solely to that market.

DialMyCalls allows you to quickly and affordably send calls to a list of phone numbers in seconds! Whether you're sending event reminders, robocalls, or just regular group calls; this is the perfect solution to call ten or 10 million people.

DialMyCalls Pricing

Cost # Of Call Credits Price Per Call
$10 140 Calls 7 a call
$25 380 Calls 6.5 a call
$50 825 Calls 6 a call
$100 1,800 Calls 5.5 a call
$250 5,000 Calls 5 a call
$500 11,100 Calls 4.5 a call

For larger call volume, call support at 800-928-2086 for custom pricing plans.

Create Your Message With Ease

You can create your own message in one of three ways: Use your touch-tone phone, upload a WAV or MP3 file, or use our Text-2-Speech voice synthesis engine and type out a message to play.

Detailed Call Reporting

Once your call is sent, you'll get a complete breakdown of what happened on every phone call. Whether it was picked up or went to voicemail and how long the call remained connected.