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Reliable Wake Up Calls Made Easy!

I've used a few services like this before and this is head and shoulders above the rest. Keep it up and thanks for getting me out of bed every morning!

Justin P., MI

Group Calls & Voice Broadcasting

Because so many people requested voice broadcasting and group call service, we've opened up a brand new service that caters solely to that market.

DialMyCalls allows you to quickly and affordably send calls to a list of phone numbers in seconds! Whether you're sending event reminders, robocalls, or just regular group calls; this is the perfect solution to call ten or 10 million people.

DialMyCalls Pricing

Cost # Of Call Credits Price Per Call
$10 140 Calls 7 a call
$25 380 Calls 6.5 a call
$50 825 Calls 6 a call
$100 1,800 Calls 5.5 a call
$250 5,000 Calls 5 a call
$500 11,100 Calls 4.5 a call

For larger call volume, call support at 800-928-2086 for custom pricing plans.

Create Your Message With Ease

You can create your own message in one of three ways: Use your touch-tone phone, upload a WAV or MP3 file, or use our Text-2-Speech voice synthesis engine and type out a message to play.

Detailed Call Reporting

Once your call is sent, you'll get a complete breakdown of what happened on every phone call. Whether it was picked up or went to voicemail and how long the call remained connected.