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Daily Weather Report Phone Call

This is easily one of our most popular features available on WakeUpLand. Now you can get your daily local weather report right to your phone.

Is it sunny, rainy, hot or cold? Now you'll know how to dress and what to expect without having to step a foot outside your home!

Daily Wake Up Calls With Weather For Only $6.49/month. That's less than 22 cents a day for your morning weather!

What Information Is Provided With The Weather?

  • Our reports are created specifically for you based on your zip code. You'll be receive the most accurate weather information possible every day when you wake up. The following information is what we include with your daily weather report:

  • High Temperature

  • Low Temperature

  • Chance of Precipitation

  • Wind Speed & Direction

  • The Current Date & Day Of Week

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What They Say?

I ordered your service for my husband as he has a hard time waking up in the morning, your phone calls do the trick, just wanted to thank you.

Melissa Carlson

Houston, TX

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